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【 Arts Library- Service Items 】  |  Reading Room Regulations
Arts Library-Service Items
 I. Books and periodicals open shelf service:
1. Books:
Chinese and foreign books are shelved together using to the same arrangement system, according to the usual method used by national libraries, the “Chinese library classification method, seventh edition.” Art books are arranged according to “Chinese Society for Library Science, revised edition.”
2. Periodicals:
(1) Current Periodicals: Current Chinese periodicals are arranged by character strokes in the name; Current Japanese periodicals are first arranged by the Japanese phonetic system, and then by character strokes in the name; western periodicals are arranged alphabetically by name.
(2) Bound volumes of periodicals: arranged by call number.
3. Other materials:
(1) CDs included with books: arranged with book by call number.
(2) Multimedia materials: after being classified by type, arranged by call number.
 II. Internet online resource service:
includes museum collection catalogue look up, and information retrieval service. Allows readers to look up library information, access archives and internet resources.
 III. Art reference advisory service:
immediate onsite, written, telephone, or e-mail replies to all readers’ art information related questions.
 IV. Photocopy service:
black and white photocopier, color printer, printer, photo stand, and other equipment provided. After readers buy a printing card they can copy or print any of the collections materials or electronic resources.
 V. Collection resource guidance service:
onsite or written guidance for readers to locate collection materials, library provides efficient and helpful service.
 VI. Multimedia materials service:
1. Use of audio visual materials: including VCD, DVD, CD-ROM and VHS video. Materials provided on self service basis.
2. Use of microfilm and slides: please fill out the provided form and present it to the multimedia service desk to apply.
3. Use of video on demand material: to view VOD materials (VCD or DVD), readers can use the system to browse newly arrived and most requested movies, or staff recommendations, and display them on the library’s computers.
4. Information retrieval service: books and periodical area information retrieval functional support. Network printing service: please purchase a printing card.
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