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Writing of Light – 2020 Taiwan International Light Festival
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Writing of Light – 2020 Taiwan International Light Festival (Review) Appreciation
Exhibition Banner - Writing of Light – 2020 Taiwan International Light Festival
Exhibition Dates: 2020/01/18 ~ 2020/03/01
Place: 201 Gallery, Skywalk, Outdoor lawn
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   Taking light as the media and material, the artists' perception of light has gone beyond its physical property; they emphasize the sensory experience brought by changing the light in the space, such as the "writing" field created by the movement of light as well as the changes between the viewers and artworks. The artworks challenge the conventional way of seeing and offer more possibilities for the viewers to observe, which shows the value of art. The inaugural Taiwan International Light Festival has invited 7 groups of artists/designers from nationwide and worldwide, with light arts, technological art, and interdisciplinary arts as main creation subjects. The conversations between the artworks and fields have corresponded the theme, "Writing of Light", expanding and enlarging the potential of art of light with the help of the artists' vision.

  The individual participating creators are from Italy, Japan, Taiwan, etc., and they all utilize light as the media in creation to emphasize and highlight the properties and possibilities of the field. For example, Daniele MONTEVERDE's composite artworks, the Costellazione and the Messaggeri delle stelle, are the forms of continuity in space and presented by complicated light performance. Like the new experiences created by light installation, Whyixd's Channels with mechanical changes and the colors of light have created an unprecedented place in reality. YAO Chung-Han's An Electronic Monster Series has created a self-relationship with the changes of terrain. Yasuaki Onishi's Edge of Void used the help of fluorescence and wind to make light flow in the field. DING Chien-Chung's Floating Fragment used lights to present breathing through lights as the highlight of the internal connection between human beings and the natural environment. CHUANG Chih-Wei's Gentle Swirl in the Forest used reflection and diffusion of light to present a sense of floating in the space. Moreover, in the Immersive Space at the indoor Gallery #201, Sondes A/V Duo's Échos through digital interpretation presents viewers with a different way to understand Taiwan’s art development.

  Different from most other exhibitions held indoors, outdoor spaces are used as the main venue of the exhibition. The existing spaces, grassland, overpass, hilly slopes, etc., of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts are given new field significance, which enables the visitors to re-experience the museum; the process of browsing the exhibition will certainly leave them with a lasting impression.

  As many major urban-scale light festivals held in recent years having written the uniqueness of each city, Writing of Light also holds an accompanying international forum in accordance to the topic, invited curators of international light festivals, artists of light arts, city marketing experts, etc., to share the planning process of light festivals, how it can influence the city, and how to inscribe a novel city image.

About|2020 Taiwan International Light Festival

   This year, Taiwan International Light Festival coincides with the holding of Taiwan Lantern Festival. Although both themed with light, they present different aspects of the cultures. The Taiwan Lantern Festival held by different county and city governments every year is taken as an important annual cultural event, and innovations are cranked out one after another. From the perspectives of art, the Taiwan International Light Festival on the other hand tries to introduce domestic viewers with contemporary light arts as well as its diversified forms of performance. The exhibition expects to use the relatively pure artistic perspectives in the discussion over the combination of light and technology to flip the public's current perception of light festival, leading their sensation to stroll freely in the outdoor venues; also, through the brand-new indoor exhibition hall of an immersive space, viewers can realize the glamour of Taiwanese Art History in the 1960s in a vividly and lifelike atmosphere.

Participating Artists|In sequence of visiting route


YAO Chung-Han

Yasuaki Onishi

DING Chien-Chung



Sondes A/V Duo

Special performance:"Khí-tsiò"project

Exhibition Dates|

• Outdoor Light Art Installation: January 18, 2020 (Saturday) - February 23, 2020 (Sunday)


Open on Chinese New Year's Eve and the 1st Day of Chinese New Year (January 24 & 25, 2020)

• The Immersive Space at Gallery #201: January 26, 2020 (Sunday) - March 1, 2020 (Sunday)


Open on Chinese New Year's Eve and the 1st Day of Chinese New Year (January 24 & 25, 2020)

From February 16, 2020 (Suunday) – February 25, 2020 (Tuesday), due to the air conditioning improvement work, the entrance will be changed, please follow the instruction plate - Artwork Number 8 Échos in Meicun Parking Lot to the gallery.

We apologized for any inconvenience caused.


Adviser|Ministry of Culture

Organizer|National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation

Co-Organizer|Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

Corporate Unit|Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

Sponsor|Yang Ming Cultural Foundation, CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Implementer|Harvest Ideation Co., Ltd.

Commissioner|Lin Chi-Ming

Curators|Jay Chun-Chieh Lai, Ryan Lin

Press Liaison Officer|Wang Yi-Yin

Exhibition Case Officer|Jay Chun-Chieh Lai

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