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LAI Shi-Chao x CHIU Chih-Chun: Shan Hai Jing
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LAI Shi-Chao x CHIU Chih-Chun: Shan Hai Jing (Review) Appreciation
Exhibition Banner - LAI Shi-Chao x CHIU Chih-Chun: Shan Hai Jing
Exhibition Dates: 2019/05/11 ~ 2019/07/14
Place: 108 Gallery
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Date: 2019.05.11 (Sat.) – 2019.07.14 (Sun.)

Opening: 2019.05.11 (Sat.) 14:30-16:30

Venue: Gallery 108, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


Artist Statement

Shan Hai Jing or The Classic of Mountains and Seas is a record and spiritual vision of Asian ancestors’ exploration of human society and their views of the world. As their descendants, how are we impacted by its profound structure and symbolism, and how is it interpreted differently through shifting and changing times. Moreover, has anything new risen from it? What formats and boundaries are observed in its politics, myths, rituals, and desires? What exactly is the “world”?  


Is the world destroyed by war or by mankind?

When civilization ceases to exist, wilderness takes over cities and beasts roam freely. In order to survive, mankind turns to the constellation, the cosmos, fighting to survive in a primal world. When “The Rediscovery of Man” emerges, in order to reintroduce the “true men”, efforts are exerted to restore nationality, language and to revive human civilization. The intention is to create an unprecedented utopia, but what kind of world would it become?

—from the book introduction

for The Rediscovery of Man by Cordwainer Smith



Living on this island nation, we’ve transitioned from being educated by political institution to a society that is free and open. This disoriented sense of ethnic identity and the Chinese cultural aesthetics are associated with post-orientalism, post-Asia, or simply a sense of déjà vu for an existence that only exists on the island. 


From the land to the sea and from the universe to the cyber space, mankind has never halted our primal instinct to explore and ________. This artwork seeks to use the artist’s personal rhetoric and world view to reinterpret and create a contemporary Shan Hai Jing.


LAI Shi-Chao

Lai Shi-Chao is a sound art?ist with many years of experience working in the art industry. An institutionally trained artist, he later decided to experiment with music by playing in a band. He had previously worked as a specialist at the exhibition division of Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei and also as director of 435 Art Studio. In addition to his own multidisciplinary creative endeavors, he also actively takes part in exhibition and performance planning and execution, and is currently a professional exhibition technician, executive director of Taiwan Art Space Alliance, and director of Little Play.


CHIU Chih-Chun

Chiu Chih-Chun is a graphic designer, video jockey, videographer, animator, new media artist, and illustrator. His art explores the connection and relationship between graphic design, spatial structure, three-dimensional space, material application, and dynamic image, with Taiwanese cultural icons, illustrations, glitches, and elements from old-fashioned cinema and television culture interconnected and incorporated in his creations. Chiu has taken part in many different exhibitions and performances, including On Site, Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, MRT Songshan Station opening event, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Lantern Festival projection mapping, projection mapping at Taiwan’s Presidential Palace on National Day, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taoyuan Art x Technology Art Festival, Lacking Sound Fest, and Creative Expo Taiwan. He has created animations for Yoga Lin and A-Mei’s concerts, and visual designs for SXSW Conference & Festivals in the U.S., fashion show for L'Oréal, Paris, S.H.E concert, and many other recording artists and bands.
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