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CHEN Han-Sheng: Once Lake—Field Now
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Today's Date:2019/10/16
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CHEN Han-Sheng: Once Lake—Field Now (Review) Appreciation
Exhibition Banner - CHEN Han-Sheng: Once Lake—Field Now
Exhibition Dates: 2019/05/04 ~ 2019/07/14
Place: Multiple Screens
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Date: 2019.05.04 (Sat.) – 2019.07.14 (Sun.)

Venue: Multiple Screens, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Opening: 2019.05.11 (Sat.) 14:30 at Gallery 108


Artist Statement

“Hudi” (which means “bottom of the lake) is the general name used by the people in my hometown, Dashe, when referring to Tsuiping Village, and “Jianshanjiao” (which means “foot of a pointy hill”) is the name of a small hill located near the 3rd Public Cemetery in the area. There is a plot of farmland by Jianshanjiao that was passed down from my grandfather, and my father had difficulties farming the land, so it was leased out to a shepherd. After my grandfather passed away, the land ended back in the hands of my father. As the son of possibly the family’s last farmer, memories are projected by the art I’ve created and the objects gathered, which are juxtaposed with real-time images and animations. A state of coexistence is constructed, which has risen from being confronted with something that can’t be explained. Real-time images are used in this artwork, which are contrasted with animated images of traditional twined flowers, and the animation is integrated with realistic landscapes of my hometown. Divided by temporal differences, efforts are exerted when seeing the artwork to form a new subject of gaze that is aligned and in synch.


CHEN Han-Sheng

Born in 1988, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), and graduated from Taipei National University of Arts. He works with experimental animation and mixed media kinetic installations, incorporating his own background and identity. His themes often include agriculture, nature and the coexistence of human beings with our environment. His works have garnered many positive responses, including silver medal in the Taipei Arts Award, the first prize of Next Art Tainan, silver medal in the MATA prize, selected for the Taoyuan Contemporary Arts Award, the Digital Art Award Taipei, the 2016 National Art Exhibtion ROC, the Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, Taipei Art Awards and 19th Biennal de Ceràmica d’Esplugues Angelina Alós. Responding to gender issues that have accentuated over the years, he organized the project “Coexist+Exhibition”, hoping for different means of conversation through curation and art production. His curation projects “Coexist+Exhibition—Death at daybreak?’’ was held in FreeS art space, and “Your Closed Eyes My Extinction” at the digital ark, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, “Coexist Exhibition—Try me” in Nanhai Gallery, “On My Way Home” in YIRI ARTS, “New Moon Hotel” in venue, “2018 BANGKOK BIENNIAL: Co-Exist LGBT art exhibition” in Tentacles, “Diversity Via Nature: Religion, Gender or Art?” in pon ding, and “口が嫌だと言っても 体は正直なものだ” in venue.
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