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Small Banner - Lin Hsin-yueh: Magical Light and Shadow in Nature
2018 Digital Art Creation Competition Program – Huang Wei-Hsuan: The Dust and Light
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2018 Digital Art Creation Competition Program – Huang Wei-Hsuan: The Dust and Light (Review) Appreciation
Exhibition Banner - 2018 Digital Art Creation Competition Program – Huang Wei-Hsuan: The Dust and Light
Exhibition Dates: 2019/02/16 ~ 2019/04/28
Place: Multiple Screens
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Date: 2019 / 02 / 16 – 2019 / 04 / 28

Venue: Multiple Screens, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Opening: 2019 / 02 / 24 (Sun.) 14:30 at Gallery 108

Artist Statement

I attempt to explore places, memories, and their relations from the perspective of the body; I also pay attention to the transformation of digital algorithms and technical concepts. With PhotoScan applied as the main creative approach, I enter spaces that are soon to be dismantled or drastically altered, as I roam through them and capture images of them from the first-person point of view. The technique of “Structure from Motion” is then applied to create 3D models of these sites that no longer exist at that point.

The sense of sight is a person’s most natural instinct as guide while he or she is on the move, as the person detects the available paths in the space and proceeds to move, physically. As an extrinsic visual framework is constructed, the preexisting physical architectural dimension is then blended with human beings, becoming the genesis of dust and light exploration. After a physical space no longer exists, is it possible to revisit the imprints left by people when they dwelled in it, see the marks they have left behind in these spaces that they used to carry out daily activities in?  

 “That-has-been” and “this-has-been” are the starting points of this artwork. Beyond these two actual places, the artwork simultaneously represents the two different spaces but also excludes them, with the relations between physical space, memory, and somatic perception explored. The gesture of representation executed creates an “object’ which does not realistically exist but becomes a starting point for a new reality, allowing “a new place” to be “revisited.”


Huang Wei-Hsuan

Huang Wei-Hsuan gained his MFA degree in New Media Arts from Taipei National University of Arts. The form of Huang’s works varies, including theatre visual design, sound design, and video art. Huang has been invited to exhibit widely, including the Lincoln Center, Colorado, USA, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, Yiri Art Gallery, and Nanhai Gallery. His works have also been presented in National Theater & Concert Hall of the National Performing Arts Center, and featured in several theaters. He currently lives and works in Taipei.
Exhibition Division Mr. Lai (#316)
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