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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC
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International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC (Review) Appreciation
Exhibition Banner - International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC
Exhibition Dates: 2018/06/23 ~ 2018/09/02
Place: 102, 201, 202 Gallery
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 The “International Biennial Print Exhibit: ROC” started in 1983 and is the first open competition exhibition organized in the form as a biennial in Taiwan. With 35 years of history, the event has become one of the longest-running international print exhibitions in the world. The purpose of International Biennial Print Exhibit: ROC is to promote international cultural exchange and to gather outstanding works by worldwide print artists with the hopes of encouraging the understanding between Eastern and Western art. Throughout the years, the International Biennial Print Exhibit: ROC has received support from print artists from all over the world and is becoming one of the most anticipated events in the international stage of printmaking. The people of Taiwan bear witness to the versatility of prints every two years and gain further perspective into the international prints through this event.


This year’s exhibition has received a total of 1,493 applications from 74 nations, with Taiwan, Poland, China, and Japan with the most applicants. The 202 works from 61 nations shortlisted after the preliminary selection were sent for further inspection and discussion by the final selection jury. Finally, the gold, silver, and bronze, prize, 2 special jury prizes, 5 merit prizes, and 5 honorable mentions were decided. This year’s gold prize was awarded to German female artist Tina Wohlfarth, the silver awarded to Taiwanese artist Lo Pin-Ho, and the bronze to Bangladesh artist Roosevelt Benjamin D’ Rozario. Among the awarded artists, special jury prize winner Orlando Martinez Vesga and honorable mention Robert Jancovic jr. are from Colombia and Slovakia, nations that were rarely seen in previous exhibitions. This shows that apart from spreading roots in Asia, International Biennial Print Exhibit: ROC is also a significant event for artists from other regions of the world.


This year’s artists include emerging artists in their 20s as well as mid-career artists, proof that the event is not only an opportunity for young artists to gain attention and cultivate confidence, but also a stage for mature artists to exchange ideas and showcase their skills. Furthermore, although woodcuts and etchings take up a high percentage among the 202 displayed works of this year’s event, other works created with a variety of media and techniques are also displayed. Digital prints, a product of the advance of technology, also added to the richness of this year’s displays.


Integrating personal creativity with the culture of their nations, artists present different expressions and creative energy through their works, strengthening the depth and width of the themes of this year’s works. For instance, environmental concerns, figurative expressions of personal subconscious, observations and reflections of everyday life, insights into humanity and time and space, or pure discourses on form and color, all present perspectives among different cultural contexts and hint to the exchange of universal experiences, adding richness to the creative spectrum of prints and encouraging interaction and understanding between different cultures.
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