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Aggregation & Blooming: Artists Groups and the Development of Fine Arts in Taiwan
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Aggregation & Blooming: Artists Groups and the Development of Fine Arts in Taiwan Appreciation
Exhibition Banner - Aggregation & Blooming: Artists Groups and the Development of Fine Arts in Taiwan
Exhibition Dates: 2017/10/21 ~ 2019/12/31
Place: 301, 302 Gallery
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New Art” that emerged in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period marked the beginning of modern art development in Taiwan. The Seven Star Painting Society founded in Taiwan by local artists in 1926 launched a period in Taiwan where modern groups were beginning to form and becoming platforms where modern knowledge was transmitted and exchange, resulting in one of the critical influential elements for art development. 
The cultural and art historical significance that painting societies held in Taiwanese society could be seen as an important symbol for the progression of modernization, with painting societies playing an integral role in Taiwan’s close to a hundred-year long art history in the 20th century. An understanding for the history of painting societies could also lead to the comprehension for institutional issues related to the modernity of art, and art groups are an important factor that should not be overlooked when studying the art history of Taiwan. In order to provide the public with a clearer understanding for the developmental context of Taiwanese art and to engage in further comprehensive examination of Taiwanese art history with more in-depth interpretation, the museum has chosen to work under the overarching theme of “Taiwanese art groups and art development”, with the organization of the permanent exhibition, Aggregation & Blooming: Artists Groups and the Development of Fine Arts in Taiwan, based on the museum’s collected artworks.
The period of seven decades from 1920s to 1990s was a time when Taiwanese art groups were very active, with prolific artworks created in a wide array of genres. It is a great challenge to comprehensively organize these different diverse artists groups into an exhibition with the limited space and time allotted, and in order to clearly present the context of this exhibition, actual incidents that had occurred throughout the development of art in Taiwan are used as the basis of this exhibition, with references made on the philosophies, social and cultural phenomena from those times and their interconnected relationships with art. Arranged in a timeline, mainstream art groups from the 20s to the 90s are selected based on their epochal innovations and transitions made. Noted as “important artists groups”, they are then encompassed in the main discourse of the exhibition, with the distinctive, iconic, influential endeavors they had accomplished for the development of art history in Taiwan focused on and studied. These factors are explored and also referenced for the displays included in this exhibition and further divided for further analysis and presentation into the following three stages according to time: 1. Artists groups in the Japanese colonial period; 2. Artists groups from early post-war period to the 70s; and 3. Artists groups from the 80s to 90s. Through the presentation of the chronicle and with the exhibited artworks, we hope to present to the audience the connections and context between 20th century Taiwanese art groups and the development of art.
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