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Architecture-AppearanceThe architectural plan of the NTMOFA is based on an east-west axis. The building consists of a basement and is three stories high, with a total surface area of 38,000  m². The exhibition area measures at 5,000   m² and the Education Centre, 1,300  m². The outdoor space has an expanse of 100,000  m². It is Asia's largest museum of art.

A glass-paneled overpass, traversing north to south, leads visitors from the exterior of the museum into the interior. It also divides the building into the eastern and western zones. The western zone consists of galleries 101~102、201~202、301~302, where thematic exhibitions, such as, The Compilation of the Development of Taiwanese Art and Taiwanese Art "Modernity" Series, are located. Temporary exhibitions and the Education Centre are housed in galleries 103~108、203~205, in the eastern zone.
Architecture-Aerial photographs The NTMOFA offers ample space for a wide range of purposes involving audiences of various sizes, from performance arts to lectures to communal activities.

The collection, consisting of over 10,000 items, shows a diversity of works created over the past few centuries, from the Ming and Qing Dynasties to present-day. The museum offers an optimal environment for the protection of the collection. In addition to photography facilities and a conservation lab, a storage area of 2,775 m2 has been constructed to accommodate the collection.
The collection storehouse occupies approximately 11,032 square meters. It houses an important collection of Taiwanese artifacts from the Ming and Qing eras to the present. It contains over 13,000 items. Originally there were seven storerooms of 2,775 square meters, and, in 2005, the current storeroom of 8,257 square meters was completed and became operational. Management of the current storehouse is conducted with state of the art technology, including special storerooms (two), ordinary storerooms (four), reserve storerooms (two), a low temperature storeroom, restoration room, a collection antechamber, a temporary exhibit repository, a photography studio, a work organization area, a data retrieval area, an anaerobic chamber, an X-ray room, a negative pressure isolation room, a materials room, and a tool room; facilities and equipment managed with exceptionally specialized and modern scientific and technological assistance, enabling the museum’s cultural assets to enjoy the best possible protection, extending the cultural lifeline.

The library offers staff and the public assistance in conducting research on art, museum studies and related subjects, numerous resources in print and digital format, as well as internet access. The NTMOFA publishes the quarterly magazine, Journal of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the literary journal, Taiwan Art Criticism, series of research-based publications, such as The Compilation of the Development of Taiwanese Art, Taiwanese Art Modernity series and Comprehensive Collection of Taiwan Regional Art History, and other material related to exhibitions, art education programs and events held at the museum.
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