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【 Reading Room Use】  |  Library Rule Guidelines  |  Library Card Application  |  Library Film Duplication Room Guidelines  |  Multimedia Area Guidelines
Reading Room Use
1. Opening Hours:
Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 ~17:00.
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 ~18:00.
2. All readers don't have to present a valid ID card upon entering the Library temporarily from September of 2014
3. Use of the Books and Periodical Area
(1) All materials must be used in the Library and are not available for check-out. The rule does not extend to the Museum's staff for work-related purposes.
(2) Library items must not be marked, defaced, mutilated or damaged in any way. Users will be liable to pay in full compensation for any damage to a library item. Alternatively, users who have damaged library materials will be responsible for replacing the damaged item with an identical product, or be liable to a fine equivalent to 200 per cent of the replacement value of the damaged item.

Theft of library equipment or materials will be subject to prosecution. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, the user may be subject to further punitive measures:

  •  The violator will be liable to a compensation payment at 10 times the value of the stolen item;
  •  The Museum will notify the school or the parent/guardian of the incident if the offense has been committed by a student. In the case that the offense has been committed by an employee of any institution in the private or public sector, the Museum will report the incident to the employer.
(4) All library materials should be returned to their proper place after use; current issue journals should be placed back to their respective shelves, whereas other materials should be returned to the designated location for library staff to properly re-shelf.
(5) The Library provides photocopying, printing and photo-reproduction services within the limit of copyright restrictions.
(6) Reproduction of library materials is authorized for research purposes only. Unauthorized sale, republication and distribution of copyrighted materials are not permitted.
(7) Users should request at the Library Service Desk for the photo-reproduction service and follow the Film Duplication Room Guidelines with respect.
(8) Users wishing to use the Library's closed-shelf materials should make the request at the Library Service Desk, and submit a completed application form with a valid personal ID.
4. Use of the Multimedia Area:
(1) All materials in the Multimedia Area are not available for check-out.
(2) Users wishing to use the Library's closed-shelf multimedia resources should make the request at the Library Service Desk, and submit a completed application form with a valid personal ID card.
(3) Users wishing to view or use the Library's multimedia resources should make the request at the Library Service Desk, and submit a valid personal ID card.
(4) In the event that the Library's multimedia equipments are unavailable for use, users and the Library staff should consult the Library's Multimedia Area Guidelines for relevant equipment allocation policy.
5. Application for Library Cards:
(1) Applicants must be 12 years of age or older. The rule does not extend to pupils of art academies.
(2) Application can be made during the Library's regular opening hours.
(3) Application should be submitted to the Library Service Desk.
(4) Required documents for the application include the completed application form and one of the following forms of identification: the applicant's ROC National ID card, passport, or certificate of residence.

Methods of Application:

  • Apply on-site and collect your library card immediately.
  • Apply on-line and collect your card after you arrive at the Library later.
  • Pay NT$50 for application fee.
6. Behavior in the Library:
(1) The Museum's Library is reserved for the consultation of Library resources and facilities only. Users are not allowed to bring their personal books or other reading materials to the Library.
(2) No food or beverages are permitted on library premises. Smoking is strictly forbidden on library premises. No loud talking, noise making or mobile-phone use on library premises.
(3) Users are not allowed to bring their bags over A4 size into the Library; the bags must be put in the library lockers before entering the Library.
(4) Users are responsible for their own personal belongings inside the Library. The Library accepts no responsibility for any personal belongings left unattended.
(5) Loss of the Library card should be reported to the Library Service Desk immediately. Users will be levied a fine for loss of the Library card. The Library assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of the Library card before it is reported.
(6) Charges or fees are payable by users for using the Library's photocopying and printing services.
(7) Users must treat all Library's resources with care and consideration in its use and handling. Users who violate the terms of the readers’ guide will be liable for compensation or have their library privileges revoked, depending on the seriousness of the offense.
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