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Picture Books Area


  •  Reading books
  •  Storytelling
  •  Watchingfilms
  •  Join in activities
  •  Have fun in the Picture Book Area

Soft reminders

  • Remember to take off your shoes, and place your shoes tidily in the shoe closet
  • Large book bags and your own books should be stored in the lockers. Please carry your own valuables with you.
  • Please keep the place quiet and clean. Do not lie down, drink, eat, chase ,run, or talk on cellphones in the Picture Book Area.
  • Children under 12 should be accompanied by adults
  • After reading the picture books, kindly return them to their original position.
  • Groups of more than 10 people, please make an appointment over the internet.

 Children’s Picture Book Area: Introduction

 Bzzzzz, bzzzz. Art, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts’ spaceship is about to take off.
“If you haven’t boarded yet, hurry up! All aboard!”
Dear children, dear grown-up children! Welcome aboard Art, the fantasy spaceship of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts’ Children’s Picture Book Area. Aren’t you just chomping at the bit to go explore? Are you ready? Look at the fantastic spaces in the space-ship’s hold: the picture book radar station, the book cabin, the story room, the art corner, and so on, enabling us to use our imaginations as wings, and our ideals, dreams and fantasies as machines to propel us forward, and charge bravely into the world of art.

Spatial Configuration
 ◆The Whirling Staircase Dock: We Want to Fly… We can… 
 In step with the whirling staircase, enjoying a high-altitude bird’s eye view from different perspectives over picture book country and the extraordinary city at which we’re about to land, we activate children’s unbridled imaginations and their purity, their innate innocence. Here, everyone is a space-ship captain at the controls of their own Art.

The Dock of Happy Greetings: Art’s Check-IN  
Please present your boarding pass in readiness to enter Happiness Dock (the service counter)!
The residents of Picture Book Kingdom greet everybody at this dock. You need only extend a friendly hand and say “Hello” to them and they will joyfully respond in the same way! Everyone is inside awaiting your arrival.

Fantasy Spaceship Staircase: Picture Book Kingdom
 Tread lightly on the shoreline spindrift. Kindly remove your fetters (shoes) and your burden (baggage), and exchange them for courage and dreams. The access passwords for an extraordinary, giant, three-dimensional picture book door (a three-dimensional picture book) are the yearning minds of children.

Fantastically Lush Plains, Towns and Cities: Seeking Green Meadows 
In the lush, multi-colored plains grow all kinds of flowers, plants and mushrooms. The dreams awaiting in the fields of dreams are as beautiful as flowers and plants and grow with the lightning speed of mushrooms! The clouds are blown over by the wind. It blows awake the sleepy spirit. The sun hides amid the clouds, quickly taking the spirit’s hand, and together they enable the garden of fine art to be filled with the beginning of spring. Spirit, oh spirit! Where is the most beautiful place in the world? It’s here! It’s here! It’s the green meadow right here.


A Magical Flying Book: Art Takes Off
Enter the picture book area, which is full of flying picture books. Use a dream-catching net. Wave it about and you’ll find some fascinating stories. Oh? What story does this book contain? ---Magical Metamorphosing Potion… Uh oh! A spirit. It’s fallen into the picture book! Somebody’s been turned into a mouse. Somebody’s been turned into a kitten.The kitten carries good fortune on its back. The mouse has seen it and can’t bear it. Go over carefully towards it, a step at a time, whether you’re a mouse or a kitten. Having arrived in the picture book area, everyone can take good fortune home with them.   


 ◆Magical Electricity-Charging Tree: Primed for Action
Sitting under the great picture book tree, you wash the sense of reality away from your body. The giant tree, which penetrates the tips of the clouds, binds the fruits of all the children’s dreams. You cool off under the tree, sitting and lying at ease. Looking back at the whirling staircase for ascending to the port…Isn’t that also the staircase for entering the palace of art? Isn’t it also another magical electricity-charging tree? In a moment I will climb up and get my artistic spirit thoroughly charged.

 ◆ Picture Book Radar Station: Art’s Cockpit
Captain! Do you want to pilot Art and take everybody traveling to a certain picture book world, but worry that you won’t be able to find access? The operating screen can help you find the picture book about which your memory is vague but for which your heart yearns! Reading a picture book is just like a journey. Master story teller Hans Christian Andersen said, “Reading is a sort of journey, and a journey is a sort of reading!”

 ◆ The Bookcase at the Shore: Braving the Wind and the Waves
Dashing against the shore is one picture book after another. They are rare treasures from Picture Book Kingdom. To stoop down and pick one up is to select one from ten thousand, great picture book works offered in tribute by all countries. Here, to travel the world is no longer pie in the sky. With passionate curious heart, let’s go brave the wind and the waves!This is the base for the building of dreams―for children only! This is the beautiful world which gives birth to future masters of picture books.
Book Cabin: Cozy Room, Quiet Prattle
Enjoy a cozy room with an ambience of parent and child prattle. Here you can escape all turmoil, and read your child a book that he loves or let him read aloud a small passage. Enjoy the pleasures of parent and child togetherness. Her pleasant surprise, his focused attention, your praise, your sense of being moved, will all be part of the beautiful scenery of life.
. ◆ Art Corner: Boundless Ocean of Books
In each corner of the Picture Book Area, we can experience different reading pleasures. Literature, life, art, history, humanities, nature, science, fantasy……, there are all kinds of books. Enjoy the leisurely, cheerful, relaxed space!


Story Room: A Gentle Feast for Parent and Child
The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Match Girl….…When we’re little, what we love best is to sit on Mommy’s or Daddy’s knee and listen to stories.
The Story Room in the Children’s Picture Book Area at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts provides narrative picture books in all kinds of styles. In this cozy space, the people of different picture book kingdoms narrate all kinds of illustrated stories. Here, you can let your children linger within the confines of their soaring imaginations, stimulate those imaginations, and allow yourself not only to experience anew the wonderful memories of childhood, but shorten the distance between yourself and your child. Come and explore the vibrant picture book world with your children!
 ◆Picture Book Maze: Seeking the Garden of Art
The artistic world is so vast. Faced with so many works of art, how do we decide what we like and what we don’t like? This maze, for example. Will we get lost? Don’t worry. This maze on the wall, I walked it many times. Everyone follow me!After walking around the maze, I’m going to walk around the palace of art upstairs. Let’s take our chances together! Although this looks like a maze to people coming here for the first time, don’t worry: the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts will take us to enjoy works that will excite us and move us more than these. 」


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