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Traffic guide 

Airport :
At the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, take the bus operated by Kingbus (Guoguang) or U bus (Tunglien) heading towards the Chao Ma Station in Taichung. After entering Taichung city center, get off at the SOGO Department Store. From there, take a taxi to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, located at the intersection of Meicun Road and Wu-chuan West Road.
High Speed Rail:
Take shuttle bus #159 at High Speed Rail Taichung Station to “Tuku Parking Lot (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts), walk about 15 minutes to reach the Museum
Highway :
Formosa Freeway(Freeway No. 3) → Sun Yat-sen Freeway(National Highway No. 1) → Taichung Interchange → Taiwan Boulevard → turn right on Meicun Road → reach intersection at Wu-Chuan West Road → NTMoFA
1.Sun Yat-sen Freeway(National Highway No. 1): Nantun Interchange →Wu-chuan West Road → Meicun Road → NTMoFA
2.Formosa Freeway(Freeway No. 3) → Dali Interchange → connecting Provincial Highway 63 → Wu-Chuan South Road → Wu-Chuan Road → Wu-Chuan West Road → Meicun Road → Musuem
Train (Taiwan Railway):
From Taichung Railway Station (臺中火車站) (about 15 minutes)
Taichung Bus # 71 Art Museum (Wuquan W. Rd.) 美術館(五權西路)
UBus # 75 Art Museum (Wuquan W. Rd.) 美術館(五權西路)
Chuan Hang # 5 Cultural Center (Yingcai Rd.) 大墩文化中心 (英才路)
From Back Rail Station (後火車站) (about 15 minutes)
Fengyuan Bus # 51 Cultural Center (Yingcai Rd.)大墩文化中心 (英才路)
Other City Buses stopped at the Museum:
UBus # 23 Art Museum (Meicun Rd.)美術館 (美村路)
# 56 Art Museum (Wuquan W. Rd.)美術館(五權西路)
Ren-Yeou Bus # 30 Cultural Center (Wuquan Rd.)大墩文化中心 (五權路)
Green Transit
Green Transit
# 40 Cultural Center (Wuquan Rd.)大墩文化中心(五權路)
# 89 Art Museum (Wuquan W. Rd.)美術館(五權西路)
Taichung Bus
Fengyuan Bus
Chuan Hang
# 11 Art Museum (Meicun Rd.)美術館 (美村路)



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