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Small Banner - Synchronic Constellation - Le Moulin Poetry Society and its Time: A Cross-Boundary Exhibition
“Home & House” – Cultural Accessibility Exploratio
The upside billboards alternative link.: 1.“Home & House” – Cultural Accessibility Exploratio、2.Conservation in Contemporary Art、3.Starting from the Island、4.2019 Digital Art Creation Competition Program: Luo、5.2019 Digital Art Creation Competition Program – Wu、6.The Variation of Formations、7.Anxiety of Images、8.Synchronic Constellation - Le Moulin Poetry Societ、9.THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD - CONTEMPORARY ARTS FROM TA
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Today's Date:2019/08/19
Exhibition Banner - Starting from the Island
 Starting from the Island
  2019/08/02 ~ 2019/09/29
Place:  IA&A at Hillyer 
  Starting from the Island we do, we live and understand the world. ...
Exhibition Banner - 2019 Digital Art Creation Competition Program: Luo He-Lin-If This Is a Global Surveillance Center
 2019 Digital Art Creation Competition Program: Luo He-Lin-If This Is a Global Surveillance Center
  2019/07/27 ~ 2019/09/22
Place:  108 Gallery
Date: 2019 / 07 / 27 – 2019 / 09 / 22
Venue: Gallery, National Ta...
Exhibition Banner - The Variation of Formations
 The Variation of Formations
  2019/07/23 ~ 2019/12/15
Place:  Ministry of Culture—1F Gallery
  Date: 2019.7.23~12.15
Venue: Ministry of Culture—1F Gallery

Exhibition Banner - Anxiety of Images
 Anxiety of Images
  2019/07/20 ~ 2019/09/22
The emergence of photography was intrinsically linked to the advancement of...
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