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2016 Digital Art Curatorial Exhibition Program – Elsewhere is Nowhere
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2016 Digital Art Curatorial Exhibition Program – Elsewhere is Nowhere (Review)
Exhibition Banner - 2016 Digital Art Curatorial Exhibition Program – Elsewhere is Nowhere
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Exhibition Dates: 2016.11.26~2017.2.19
Opening Ceremony: 2016.11.26 (Sat) 15:30
Venue: Digiark, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Curator: FU Ya-Wen, Sven BERGELT
Artists: Sven BERGELT, CHANG Ting-Tong, FU Ya-Wen, Nicolás RUPCICH, Sebastian STUMPF, TSUI Kuang-Yu, Aluan WANG, Christina WERNER

 Curatorial Statement / FU Ya-Wen, Sven BERGELT


The exhibition Elsewhere is Nowhere presented at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts seeks to examine the subject “escape” by taking existing humanitarian values and the current geopolitics in Europe, Africa, and Asia as a starting point. Eight artists from different countries present works of art in various forms and media including video, photography, installation, performance, and documents. Focus is placed onto an investigation of the term “escape” and its associated themes “freedom” and “limitations” from inter-cultural perspectives. Through the investigation, multifaceted perspectives and discussions are generated and a counter-image is “drawn” in the exhibition to form trans-national and inter-cultural dialogues.


By raising this question of “what we are escaping from?”, we are also questioning “where we are escaping to?” “Escaping” is often synonymous with “aimless” and  “unsettled ending”. The initial motivation for “escaping” is often one’s intent to leave an unbearable present situation. People that are escaping from something are also searching for something at the same time. Perhaps, they are searching for an answer of a personal life situation, or maybe, for a better future, a safe place, or even a brand new perspective, an opportunity for unhindered personal development. However, what awaits after the escape? Is it courage fueled by hope, or helplessness with no exit?

The artists do not deal with social or political case studies; instead the exhibition connects works of art that are characterized by a formal abstraction. Through the different viewpoints of the artists, the works circle around the topic. By this we would like to spark a reflection about the subject “escape” that examines inter-cultural and trans-national perspectives and similarities. Furthermore the view on the stereotypical, media image of “escape” can be de-constructed with these artistic positions, to direct visibility to the typically invisible but ubiquitous areas. Even if the so called “refugee crisis” is omnipresent in media coverage at the moment, only a few subjects of images are published in the press, with the topic simply illustrated. The images in the mass media representing “escape” are mutated to one-sided symbols, which do not stimulate a critical reflection.


In summary of the aforementioned, the core question proposed by this exhibition is: are there inherent topoi in the theme “escape”, that can exist independently of its causes? By raising this question, we wish to de-construct media stereotypes in order to open up the view on the topic “escape by showing counter-images. With this as the core, the works of art in this exhibition are centered around issues that include fear, violence, safety, uncertainty, limitation, freedom, hope, paradise, and home.
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