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Exhibition Banner - 2016 NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, ROC
Place: 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 203, 204, 205 Gallery, Gallery Street
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WANG Mei-Yun
 The history of official art competitions/exhibitions in Taiwan can be traced back to the Japanese colonial era. In 1927, the Taiwan Governor-General Office commissioned the Taiwan Education Association to establish the Taiwan Art Exhibition based on the model of the public art exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan -- the Teikoku Art Exhibition. The exhibition was later renamed the Taiwan Governor-General Office Art Exhibition in 1938 and organized by the Bureau of Culture and Education. With the retrocession of Taiwan in 1945, taking in the advise from people in Taiwan’s art industry, officials from the Nationalist Government decided to continue with the framework of the Taiwan Art Exhibition and appointed the Taiwan Provincial Department of Education to organize the Taiwan Provincial Fine Art Exhibition, which continued for 60 exhibitions and ended in the year 2006. In 1957, the Ministry of Education began the organization of the National Art Exhibition of The Republic of China (ROC), which was initiated by the Nationalist Government (with 17 exhibitions held from the year 1929 to 2005). The abovementioned exhibitions were all eventually terminated due to shifts of political regimes or changes with time or social setting.  


There were various viewpoints and opinions about the termination of national public art competitions/exhibitions, and with nation-wide organizations of celebrations for Taiwan's centennial anniversary in 2011, the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan (today’s Ministry of Culture) began the organization for the presentation of the NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, ROC, with the event executed by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) till this day. Consolidating the different mechanisms used in the previous provincial and national exhibitions, NTMoFA’s mission is to recognize creative art talents and to provide a fair and just jury-based competition system to encourage for more public participation, with art treated as a medium to form a platform for positive competitions and exchanges. This year marks the 6th NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, ROC, and with over a thousand artworks submitted each year, the competition/exhibition has clearly become an indicative event for Taiwan’s government organized art exhibitions. It has become a positive force that continuously fosters art talents, inspiring many more to devote themselves in the arts.

The following ten genres are included in the call for entries for the 2016 NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, ROC: Ink Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Seal Engraving, Gouache Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Photography, and New Media Arts, with a total of 1072 artworks received this year. Veteran artists, art critics, and experts were invited to serve as jurors, with 165 artworks selected by the jury panels through meticulously executed preliminary and final selection processes. A Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, and several Selected Works have been determined for each genre, showcasing a wide array of artistic expressions. Artworks in these ten art genres reflect the different notable features found in the media applied, with a medley of issues, topics, and directions of focus demonstrated, including observations and reflections on social and environmental issues, reconstructions and representations of personal memories and experiences in life, with the artworks revealing unique aesthetics and personal styles. 


The 2016 NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, ROC will be presented from June 9th till August 21st, 2016 at of NTMoFA’s 103~107 and 203~205 galleries and the Gallery Street. In addition to the awarded artworks and selected works for this year, four artworks awarded with the Jury-Exemption Prizes will also be on view, celebrating the artists that have been repeatedly recognized and honored in this exhibition. Through the call for entries and exhibition held each year, NTMoFA hopes to encourage each year’s award winners to interact and support each other on their creative journeys and to also inspire the other participants to continue with persistent efforts, and for them to proceed to create more exceptional artworks and to demonstrate boundless creative energies. The exhibition is also an opportunity for the artists to interact with the public and for the public to have the chance to appreciate their artworks. We look forward to sparking more creative inspirations and for more vibrant and exciting artworks to be created, resulting in an invigorating environment for art creation and art appreciation.

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